Thursday, 25 October 2007

Actively Pro-Life; the fight is on.

After the Programme the other night on channel 4 both Mac at Mulier Fortis
and Philip at Carpe Canem have posted asking that we sign the petition which they link.
Mac has posted an extract from the programme that is harrowing in the extreme.
A doctor, trained presumably in caring for the sick has managed somehow to sit and explain the details of how he cuts apart a child and crushes his or her head to pull the corpse bit by bit from the mother.
This is legal.

The petition demands that in the light of what we know about the survival of babies born at 23weeks, that the legal age for abortion should be lowered from 24weeks to 16 weeks.
Please sign it.
The pro-life voice has been a polite whisper in the UK against the rage filled shrieking of the death-peddlers. But surely if enough of us whisper together- that still small voice could be heard above the tantrum of the baby killers.

Mac raises a valid concern that if the limit were to be dropped to 16 weeks then it would probably be with only one doctor signing for the baby's death.
Sadly in my experience the process of getting the second signature is a matter of form. The process is shockingly quick and efficient (when I've seen my friends go through it) compared to most care processes in the NHS.
I still miss those babies that my husband and I offered our lives and home to-but their mother's thought it better to abort.

I am surprised that Channel 4 has been willing and able to put out a programme that so truthfully shows the dispicable nature of this industry. Is it because we are sick of it and need to see it for what it is? I hope so.
The altarnative is, C4 think this is so much part of normal life that no one will mind too much.

God help us.

My friend Amanda Lewin who runs the Oxford pro-life campaigne has my renewed respect and prayers for what she and such a small group of people do-for so profound an evil and the mass murder of our children.


Marie said...

I truly believe there will be no peace in the world while we are killing the unborn:(.

I read on one site recently about the dog fights which a famous American sports star was involved in. There was OUTRAGE! As there should be....but why such silence about the murder of the unborn?

*shakes my head*

Peace to you:)


Anonymous said...

We have a wonderful walk of witness tomorrow...

On the side of the angels said...

Think you'd better see this:

swissmiss said...

My very vocal pro-choice mother-in-law was outraged about the dog fighting incident involving Michael Vick, but thinks the truly barbaric act of abortion should be legal.

I shake my head too!

And roll my eyes...and pray.

Philip said...

I hadn't realised how big the gulf is between pro-lifers who accept that abortion must be chipped away at (ie, reducing the age limit) and those who believe only a total repeal is acceptable and who are therefore against the petition. I have total sympathy with the latter view, but I'm still glad that I signed the petition calling for a reduction.