Monday, 1 October 2007

October month of Mary

It's Autumn and it's the month of Mary. We are coming up to the 90th Anniversay of Our Lady's appearance in Fatima and we are also coming up to the 34th Anniversary of her last appearance in Akita Japan. October 13th is obviously an important date to our Blessed Mother. I will post about both of these approved apparations over coming up to the 13th.
While Fatima is quickly being forgotten, Akita has been largely ignored.
No one is obliged to believe these events, they are private revelation not public.
Nevertheless I think they are quite important and so I'll write about them.
Meanwhile happy month of Mary.

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Joyful Catholics said...

MARY.... our beloved and most dear Momma! I love October! It's the month of the rosary and I LOVE Our Lady's prayer! Cling to our Mother, let her hold us close to her Immaculate Heart, so that we can grow in holiness and become pure in see one day, Jesus her Son and our Lord.