Saturday, 20 October 2007

Connexions give me the creeps

Got a knock on the door this morning, and there stood two ladies flashing their Connexions badges and clipboards at me. They wanted to speak to my 16yr old. They said they were merely doing a follow up and that the Govt demands that all young people are 'followed' in this way.
Parents are not involved in this process at all. I had no idea they had my son's details on their data base and am appalled that they are supposed to keep a file on him.
They wanted to know about his work and college commitments and seemed uncomfortable with the fact that his mere mother was so suspicious of them.

I told them bluntly that this felt like interference in my son's life.

Why should the Govt mandate that an organisation be able to go behind a parent's back and keep files and 'follow' our children. Connexions has done NOTHING to assist my two older teens in getting work, planning courses...anything at all.
And I certainly do not want them offering 'health advice' thank you.

Rant over.


gemoftheocean said...

What in BLAZES goes on over there? Good Lord, who appointed these people the authority in the first place to demand squat?! Not to mention the WASTE in taxpayer monies. I think the only proper response is to slam the door in their faces.

OVer here it would be one thing for a youth on parole from some correctional facility to meet with a parole officer - but how in Hades did something like this get voted in? Who died and appointed them nanny-in-charge?! Ask where in **** their warrant is.

Anonymous said...

i phoned the secondary school & said scrub my kids names off the connexions list..the offering health advice has insideously appeared was never mentioned before..was just supposed to be careers did right..treat them like the jehovah's witnesses when they come calling!

AutumnRose said...

Connexions are exceedingly dodgy ~ one does well to avoid them!

Ttony said...

I've checked up for you. You will have to write to your children's school and ask them not to pass on your children's name and address to Connexions. At age 16 and above, it is for the child to write as above, not the parent. If you have done this, then the Local Authority, and the Department for Children, Schools, and Families will also not pass information to Connexions.

As you are homeschooling, I'd write to the LA and the DCSF. Let us know how you get on.

Ebeth said...

Wow, that sounds scary....WAY TO MUCH Government!!! Sort of like the deal they have in Germany?


You go girl!

swissmiss said...

Oh my goodness. Since I have never heard of this, did you have to let them in or answer their questions?

I plan to homeschool my kids and have been told that we have to let the local school district know our intentions to keep the kids at home. Sometimes, although I have been told it's rare, the district sends someone to your home who wants to make sure everything is in order. I've been told to NOT let them in and to schedule a time and place to meet outside the home if they are so darned interested.

This is scary!

(I came here from Karen's blog)

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thanks everyone.
ttony-will do as you suggest. Having popped over to Mac's blog and read that Connexions try and get kids mobile phone numbers and arrange 'secret' meetings I am even more disgusted.

Swissmiss- In the UK if we home ed from the start no one has to be told, although the GOvt are trying some sneaky ways to get through that loophole; but if, like me, your kids are pulled out of school the local LA is informed and comes to visit.
Now, we are not obliged to let them in to our homes, however my LA man is a very supportive pro-home education man and I get on fine with him.

Connexions is a different thing altogether-and I don't think you folk across the pond would put up with such Orwellion old socialist interference.

Jackie- I hope you do okay getting your kids removed. My husband tells me it's a Govt initiative and you may find the files get kept without your knowledge-I was certainly unaware until they turned up that they had a file on my son!

God bless

Marie said...

That sounds horrible???What on earth goes on there?? It sounds almost fascist?

Gosh I hope you can get out of it somehow? Sounds creepy.

God bless you and keep you safe:)