Tuesday, 16 October 2007

My son stands up for the Faith.

I am not one of those mums who goes on about how wonderful her kids are-but I do have to tell you this.
My second son is 16 and has just started college. He is doing a Media and Communications 1st Diploma (or whatever it's called) which will lead him to the next thing and then he hopes to do a degree in animation and gaming.
Yesterday his group were taken to see a special screening of Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce and his fight against the slave trade.
When the film was over a university lecturer spoke about the film and began to run down the Christian faith of Wilberforce saying Christianity had nothing to offer modern thinking man.

Well my son stood up and argued with him. He pointed out that it was the Christians who had put and end to slavery and that Christianity still holds true.
Some of his fellow students told him to shut up-but he refused.

He came home and told me about it-but had to return to college for a tutorial. He came home from that and to my surprise told me his tutor had congratulated him on his stand!

I must admit- I am proud of him.


Philip said...

Alleluia! So am I!

And if it doesn't sound too pompous, I'm also proud of you, as a parent, for raising such a child!

Ps. 111:1

AutumnRose said...

That's fantastic...tell him well done :¬)

Fr Ray Blake said...

I agree with both Philip and AutumnRose, give him my congratulations and thanks.

Ttony said...

All the best to both of you!

Allow your head to swell a little bit.

Ebeth said...

Well done! You should be happy that something that you have been teaching him stuck!! yea! As for me and the gum chewers, who knows what will happen with them. Thanks for your support!


Esther said...

Terrific witnessing by a young man!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Thank you everyone. It has been a difficult couple of days for him. While black, Muslim and gay students are protected from this sort of thing Christians are fair game it seems.

He started his first jobh today-working in Woolies.

gemoftheocean said...

Well done! I've often thought the college years were the ones that told you how good of a job you've done. Granted he is still living at home, but when a kid is out of either a controlled catholic school environment or a homeschooled environment how committed they are to standing up for the faith really shows. I really believe in the grace of the sacrament of confirmation that helps one through these situations - for the "courage" part in standing up to people who can make your life miserable, and not being concerned about earthly consequences but heavenly ones. And it helped that his intellectual formation was sufficient enough to stand an attack like that.

I think it a failing of the new rite of confirmation to leave out the "slap." That slap, and moreover the thought behind it brought home to me that we are also soldiers in the faith, meant to bear unpleasantness, but still carry out the tasks at hand, regardless of the personal cost to us.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Karen, I agree. I think we too easily forget the graces we can turn to from the Sacraments.

And we all need a slap to wake us up now and then.

swissmiss said...

That's wonderful! I don't know that I could've had the courage or presence of mind to do what your son did. Well done, both of you!