Thursday, 18 October 2007

'Tis the seaon for wellies

AutumnRose has found a lovely pair of wellies with chocs on them and an umbrella to match. Apparently she is not usually a fan of wellies.

I love 'em. They get you through muddy fields, the cut path and are great for shallow water.

Here are the ones I have:

My daughter helped me choose them while we were on holiday. My poor husband said he was embarrassed to shove a wheelchair in which sat a woman, with baby wearing Smartie Wellies.

My daughter told him they are the height of fashion. I don't think she could have meant that!


AutumnRose said...

They are fabulous wellies!

Hhmmm...I think I may become a grudging wellie fan at this rate, never having owned a pair since the age of 10! LOL!

AR xx

gemoftheocean said...

I LOVE those wellies!!! If it ever rained enough here where I needed wellies, I'd want ones like those. Be grateful you are not the queen, who is "stuck" wearing plain old green ones.

Ttony said...

I've stuck this miles down your blog so nobody else needs to see it if you aren't interested. I found a link from a site I look at from Australia - - from a couple who have lost two children. I thought that it should be a woman to recommend this site, rather than me.