Saturday, 30 June 2007

And behold I will send a great flood on...the UK

It is still raining. It seems to be a downpour with intermittent steady showers. The notorious river Severn has been spreading herself about as usual and far too many people are having their homes flooded. Tragically there have been deaths as water has moved with lethal speed down our streets.
Councils, even one or two along the Severn route have been blase about putting up the flood defences and yet when the waters came there were no apologies forthcoming. Meanwhile these same councils are signing off on planning permissions to build on the flood plains. Barmy.

Meanwhile we have been spared the worst of the floods thanks to huge defences put in a few years ago that have certainly done their job the last few summers. The little ones have been out splashing in puddles, because that is an important part of childhood isn't it?

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