Thursday, 7 June 2007

Free Speech

Last time I looked the vote (see post below) for Cardinal Pell having every right to speak on matters pertaining to Catholic teaching looked like this:

Cardinal Pell and stem cells
Rate his warning to Catholic politicians about voting in favour of stem cell research

A spiritual leader has the right to point out moral and religious consequences - 38%

He should keep out of politics. Churchmen shouldn't make veiled threats against MPs - 48%

Let our elected representatives decide on their own - 14%
Total Votes: 8473
So whatever happened to free speech? There are many who seem to think the Cardinal should pay for trying to tell the truth. Since when was emryonic stem cell research purely a politcal matter anyway?

It is no surprise that in a media world run by bullies, that they see no need to treat the Cardinal with respect. They don't want him to speak, because he has this nasty habit of saying things they cannot answer and so do not want to hear.

Stuffing you fingers in your ears and shouting lalalala on top of your voice, does NOT constitute forming your conscience. The fact is, Cardinal Pell has taught the message of the Gospel, and those who have wars to hear can hear.

I am bemused by the level of support for embronic stem cell research that has so far shown itself to be absolutely useless. Adult and umbilical stem cells are already producing very good results, so why are we not demanding funds be transferred to those enterprises?

Whose interests are being served by the constant call for funding to kill more babies?

I can bet that should a cure for my disability come from stem cells, it wont be from babies-and let me say here and now, should some medic want to put harvested bits of dead baby in me just so I can throw away the wheelchair and meds; I'll keep the chair and meds.

On Cardinal Pell; there was a rumour he might be filched for the UK when Carinal Murphy-O'Connor retires. As much as I wish it were true, I doubt it. Australia needs him-if only cloning...

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CatholicConvert said...

Voting is now 47% with over 10000 votes....