Monday, 4 June 2007

Why I both love AND hate large, homeschooling families

Having read THIS and this THIS I thought I would write this:
We are a mixed schooling family. I have one child currently in school and another child who will be starting school in Sept while I home educate two children and the others are too young. So-mixed.
When it comes to parenting styles and children's behaviour I've seen both schooled and homeschooled families at close quarters.
Sadly the worst family we have ever had anything to do with were a large Catholic home ed family. This was not little kids wiping pizza on walls, this was older kids bullying younger children, lieing to and stealing from us. This was children being rude to adults and showing off about sinful behaviour such as getting drunk.

As large Catholic families we are indeed very visable and we are called I believe to be the best witness we can be to the Culure of Life, and most of the families I know, whether they home ed or not, do quite well, but it is the awful families that stand out for some reason.

The Church teaches that parents have the primary right and duty to educate our children. Education means the whole formation of the child, not just academic achievement.
I really do beleive it is a reflection on me-well their father and me, if our children misbehave in public. We spend an inordinate amount of time with 'say please' and 'say thank you' and making sure they learn to speak with adults in a polite and appropriate way.
They are taught right from wrong.

It is true that when expectations are high that children will rise to the occastion. I think it is also true that children will behave like their parents. If parents lie and bully then their children are hardly going to be honest and polite are they?

It is a sad fact that some schools are actually having to teach table manners and teach children how to eat because thjey are not taught at home.

One of the reasons our children have learned to behave well in other people's homes I beleive, is because their grandfather, aunts and uncles have had high expectations of behaviour in their homes too, so we have been fully supported in our parenting.

Can I ask that families, especially if you home ed-stand together and support one another.

Some of my children are nearly adults now and we do receive a lot of compliments about their behaviour and demeanour. God has been good to us and poured out His graces so that the children-so far- have turned out okay, but the journey is not over yet and just because they are older does not mean I stop being their mother.

I have been so grateful for kindess and support from my husband's family and from friends who have and still do offer words of encouragement.
We no longer have anything to do with the family I have mentioned. I discovered later they had caused problems for other families too, but we had not been warned. ...

Sorry, what a disjointed post this is-but I have a baby to feed and a toddler to deal with and teenagers in and out and- well as you see, I am a mother with a large homeschooling family.

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