Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Just a little drink

DEATHS due to alcohol are increasing in the UK and I am sure the picture is much the same in other countries.

I have lost friends and have friends and family battling this awful 'disease'-I think we can call it that- and I have watched in sadness and frustration as their lives plummet the depths of misery.

Drunkenness is seen as funny, and even acceptable in our rather bizarre culture. How is this so? City centres are plagued by young people vomiting and rolling around the streets. They are often violent or getting into sexual behaviours they would never dream of doing when sober. How desperately sad all this is-how lacking in dignity as each of these person's are made in the image and likeness of God.

I recommend Alcoholics Anonymous and their sister group Al Anon. AA runs a wonderful system of groups and books that set people on the 12 step programme.

I have seen marvellous results from those I know who are on this programme.

Al Anon offers great support for those who have family or friends with alcoholism. When I called them I was told that they usually held meetings in Catholic church halls. She had no idea I was Catholic, but went on to explain that the Catholic church was very supportive and usually offered the halls for free or a minor fee. She explained that as all their funding is from voluntary contributions this was a great help.
I am proud that the Catholic churches around the UK are so willing to support this and I will blog more on it at a later date.

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