Thursday, 28 June 2007

Passing on the Faith

In his General Audience yesterday Papa Beni spoke about St Cyril of Jerusalem. (BTW if you want to see the Pope's Wednesday Audiences you can watched them in the Uk at 8pm on the Wed on EWTN; Sky 769)
As we can see from this Icon St Cyril was a teacher, ensuring the Truths of the Faith were passed on so that those who heard and learned could lead a Christian life.
The saint, the Holy Father explained, had a deep understanding of the unity of Holy Scripture. He understood it as the message of Salvation History with Jesus Christ as the pinnacle of it, bringing redemption to the world. St Cyril did not leave Scripture to the Liturgy but incorporated it, with the liturgical rhythm of life into the life of the Christian.
"Doctrine and life are not separate things," said the Holy Father, and surely that is something we need to remember today. We are called to learn to live the Gospel, not simply learn about the Gospel.
It is time to put this back into our homes and schools.
It is time to take the promises we made to God when we had our children baptised seriously.
I need to revisit this as we prepare to have our sixth child baptised in a few weeks.

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