Monday, 18 June 2007

I don't get the bishops of England and Wales...I just don't

I don;t want to spend a lot of time criticising the bishops of England and Wales. I am sure there are good ones; it is just that sometimes I wonder what they are trying to do.
First we have the whole business of the 99 Names of Allah being sung in a 'concert' inside Westminister Cathedral and then the Telegraph reports that Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has written to the Vatican suggesting there is no need for the Motu Proprio here. Everything is apparently just hunky-dory here.
I am not sure how accurate this report is-there are things in the report that do not ring quite right-but I am not so sure of our bishops or the Cardinal to be sure it isn't accurate.

Meanwhile the Cathedral is to be misused and there has been no objection from the Cardinal over that.

There will be a protest outside the Cathedral. How sad, Catholics left feeling they have no alternative but to protest outside their own church- the place of God where they should be able to enter and pray whenever they wish.
How can the church be used as a market place? Tickets range from £8 to £24.
Prince Charles has commissioned it- well that figures, and the writer of the music claims 'visions' after visiting an Apache Medicine Man.
Where is the Cardinal on this?

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