Friday, 15 June 2007

Don't be disabled-we wont let you in.

This story from St. Mary Magdelene really gets to me.
I am quite sure they know the DDA (Disability Discimination Act) but they felt sure they could get away with it. Why? Because they can be sure the MSM wont be interested in the story. Disabled people should know our place. We can be 'token' crips on TV but we must on no account point out the law that allows disabled babies to be killed right up to birth and the horrible arguments going on about killing off babies after birth if they are considered too premature.
Sometimes I am afraid when I think about the death by long starvation and dehydration of Terri Shiavo-and wonder when it will be my turn. Of course my husband is not like Terri's so he would not try to get me killed as my disability worsens, but the pressure will be on to either let me die or make me die-I am quite sure of that.

Prayer, prayer and lots of action...

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