Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tony Blair in the news again

The idea that Tony Blair may enter the Catholic Church is in the news again. The oh-so anti-Catholic Guardian is having a field day with it.
It is such a shame there is no real witness here. In fact all that is happening is pain and scandal, that a man who has behaved with such lack of compassion and charity to the unborn, to children, to families, to the disabled is to be accepted with open arms and unlike the rest of us, no requirment of repentence.

I am also finding it rather difficult to understand many American Catholics who seem to think this is a good thing-but who are appalled at Nancy Polosi. I don't get it.

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Ma Beck said...

The general feeling I get from US bloggers (haven't seen any other feeling, actually) is that if he converts, he must truly convert, not just in name, but in heart.
I think people are willing to give him a chance.
Nancy Pelosi is a cradle Catholic who should already act Catholic.
We pray for her conversion of heart, too, believe me.