Monday, 25 June 2007

When Home Education pays off

There are many reasons to home educate. But it is hard work sometimes and a parent (like me) can get a bit dreadful-fretful that we are making a pigs ear of things.
So it is a lovely thing when it appears to pay off.
My 15 yr old son has just completed 2 weeks work placement at a shop and cafe, where he served customers, made drinks and cooked and prepared food.
It is a small but growing business and the owners have had a number of school pupils on work placement. While they were kind enough to take my son they admitted to him on Sat (his last day) that they had not really been looking forward to it as their usual experience had been pretty bad.
They were so impressed with ds that they even paid him for some of his hours there and are writing him a reference for his portfolio. They have also offered him the next job that comes up there-which should be soon.
The owner spoke to me and said she was impressed by how quickly he learned, how hard he worked and by the fact he could actually cook. His skill with customers, including young children (lots of experience there lol) was also noted.
This is the boy who was bullied, and failing in school. He was certainly not considered a quick learner by staff, and his anger and frustration meant he was sorely lacking in some social skills.

It's been just over 2 yrs since I had him out and he has blossomed.
I hope he will do well in college next year.
So to any home ed parent out there wondering if it is worth it-in the end, yes it is.


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Ma Beck said...

What a wonderful story!
Congratulations to your son on his fine accomplishment.

White Stone Name Seeker said...

Thank you ma beck :)