Saturday, 30 June 2007

SS Peter and Paul

Yesterday was the feast of SS Peter and Paul. We kinda missed it here because of sick kids, but it is an important feast day. It's one of those reasons to be Catholic I think. We have the rhythm of daily prayer (Divine Office, rosary etc) and then there is the liturgical calender so we can live the faith through remembering the lives and importance of the saints.
Some saints are more important to the life of the Church than others and SS Peter and Paul are two of those saints. They share a feast say- a solemnity- because together they built the Church Christ had founded.
Peter was a fisherman, a business man who it would seem had inherited his father John's fishing business and ran it with his brother Andrew and the family of Zebedee whose wife Salome had given him James and John, nicknamed Sons of Thunder.
He was from Capernaum in Galilee and going by the size of his house (which now has a rather odd looking church built over it) he was fairly wealthy. But it is unlikely that he was well educated.
Paul on the other hand had been Saul a tent maker from Tarsus. He was a pupil of Gamaliel learning the Law and the Prophets at the feet of one of the Sanhedrin's wisest. Going by his writing, Paul was a well educated and very intelligent young man. If he had married and remained with the Pharisees he would very likely have made it into the Sanhedrin himself.
Peter was one of the Twelve chosen by Christ. They would be the gates and hinges of His Church. He chose Peter from among the twelve to be Prime Minister in His kingdom and as is God's way, He gave Simon son of John a new name-Peter meaning rock.
He gave to him the keys of the Kingdom just as Hezekiah had given the keys of his kingdom to his prime minister.
Some years later the newly named Paul would submit to the authority of this fisherman and a Church would spread like fire throughout the world.
Pt II later...


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Anonymous said...

Great meditation...rain! Well everything's so green that's some consolation!