Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Someone has to do it.

Someone has to have the children!

According to THIS STORY Spain needs to find those 'someone's'-and find them soon. It is a sad fact that the UK are not in much better shape. My oldest son works in a home for the elderly where the generation of the fifties and sixties are now housed in ever increasing numbers. This us the generation that had it all. In the UK rationing had finally ended and their was peace and prosperity. It was the time when contraception hit the scenes big time with the advent of the Pill and suddenly having babies was a bad idea.

Few of us born in those days have many siblings. I have one-most of my friends are in similar families. We were taught that we should go out and get careers and that children were and expensive burden- and many of us have listened to that mantra and swallowed the anti-family propaganda.

Now our parents are in these homes. My son watches with sadness and some considerable concern as they receive no visitors and seem to have no families-or no families willing to care.

My son talked with me the other night about the lonliness he sees in this home and the challenge of manintaining the dignity of people who seem to have lost so much in their old age.

Of course staffing these places is very difficult and most of my son's colleagues are from Africa or Eastern Europe. It seems in the UK we do not want to take care of our own-nor do we have the children to do so.

Large families could share the care of even difficult elderly relatives. But with only a couple of children the burdan came fall hard on one of them.

My friend has a neighbour with alzheimers. He has two children. His daughter visits when she can and his son occasionally, but the rest of the time my friend is left to do a lot of the care for this neighbour. She has 5 children and the son has told her bluntly she has too many! This, because he wants her to take the responsibility of caring for his father.

The sixties are often decried by those who object to VaticanII, but I have to say something went wrong-far more so than the lead up-and I don't think it was Vatican II, I think it was the Pill.
The people I cared for and now my son is looking after contracepted their families away and in the next few years those homes will fill with those who contracepted and aborted their families away.
As my sister likes to say-in the end is always comes around and bites you on the bum.

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White Stone Name Seeker said...

I don't want to give the impression I think the old people in these hones deserve their indignities and lonliness-I don't. I am simply saying this was ineveitable once that generation and ours contracepted and aborted away our families.