Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I have recently come across strange people who argue that abortion and miscarriage are the same thing. This, of course, is grossly offensive. To suggest that those of us who, despite everything, have our unborn children die are in any way the same as mothers who choose to kill their children is ludicrous.
But there are some similarities.
Mothers who abort and those of us who miscarry both feel guilty. We wonder what we could have done to avoid loosing our baby.
We both miss our babies and find their would-have-been birthdays difficult times.
We both wonder 'what if' and 'what would they be like?'
We both cry.
We are both denied the right to grieve, so must hide our grief, deep down.

Meanwhile Amnesty International have decided that there isn't enough misery to go around and are pushing for abortion 'rights'. Of course they try and make out that this will somehow help mothers who are pregnant as a result of rape-they don't say HOW this will help. How being violated twice is better than giving birth to a live baby, seems to escape them.

So many rape survivors who deliver their babies give the most amazing testimonies. I remember hearing a woman on the radio who had not only had her daughter conceived when her own father raped her-but was bringing her up and living happily.
There was a beautiful testimony given by a young girl on EWTN the other day, on the Pure Life series with Jason and Chystalina Evert.
She was date-raped and found to her horror she was pregnant. She was terrified of the attitude she would face from those around her, but put her trust in God. Her son has been adopted by a couple who had desperately wanted a child and she lives with the knowledge that she has been able to give them the most precious gift possible.
Compared to friends I have who were not raped but had abortions, these women have peace and serenity.
Amnesty want to deny mother's that chance, that hope.

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