Friday, 8 June 2007

Silent MSM and the Chaldean Christians

I am a great fan of Aid to the Church in Need . Every year they publish a book about how Catholics are being persecuted and martyred all over the world. Sadly it is muslim adherrents who are the leaders in the majority of Catholics and other Christians being martyred.
In Iraq the Chaldean Church is under horrible attack on a regular basis. THIS STORY is just one of many recently.
Nuns have been attacked and priests and deacons murdered. Amy Welborn has covered many of these stories.

There is a strange silence in the MSM. While Sky News is so lacking in real news they run long winded, boring and repetitive stories about the stupid shenanegans in the Big Brother house, the Chaldean's do not merit so much as a headline.

Despite the fact that these horrible persecutions have been going on for a long time-who can forget the 14 year old boy who was crucified?- there seems to be little interest from either the media or the UK and USA govts.
That awful man Jack Straw dismissed the persecutions as not happening when he was Foreign Secretary. IMHO this was because he was fishing for the Muslim vote. Chaldean Christian's were not offered asylum here.

The Warrior has more to say on this issue.

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