Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Germany - when history isn't leanred

Yesterday Ma Beck posted 'If the shoe fits...' about how a Lutheran pastor is being sent to prison for daring to say that abortion is akin the the Holocaust. He is accused of Holocaust denial.

What they are saying is that abortion isn't killing people; unborn babies are not people. The sick irony hurts doesn't it. Just as Hitler said the Jews and the Poles weren't really people so they could be slaughtered, the German courts are saying babies killed in abortion are not really people so they can be killed. The picture above shows my youngest daughter at 12wks gest. We saw her face, hands legs and beautiful beating heart - but according to German courts she was not a person then.

Germany has been in the news recently for its vicious treatment of families who wish to home educate their children. Hitler made home education illegal to ensure the propaganda of National Socialism reached all children. It is that same law that is being used to persecute home ed families today. The most recent case was of a girl where the family had NOT chosen to home ed but were cornered into it by the school. The girl was taken from her home and put into care! Fortunately she reached the age of 16 in which she has legal independence and simply left her foster home and went back to her real home with her family.

So what about the people of Germany? Are they in agreement with this?
Well, who knows. I have a German friend who has married one of my closest friends. They decided to live here in the UK because they were sick of the racism she faced-she is black- all the time over there.
Now we have problems here, but it is nothing compared to what she faced over there, and she simply felt having mixed race children in that country would be unacceptable.
Sad isn't it?

But don't kid yourself this is just a German problem. They are at the heart of Europe and the European parliament really wants to impose this kind of dictatorship on all of us-and in the UK there is compliance.
We have had people investigated and arrested for speaking the truth about abortion and homosexual acts here already.
It's time to prepare for more and worse to come I think.
There's no need to be afraid though. God has always been there and he always will be.

Jesus I trust in you.

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