Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Rough night

My baby daughter is unwell so we had a rough night-poor thing.
I wondered as I sat up with her and struggled with her so she could breath and feed at the same time-something she is finding difficult with a bad cold- how a non-parent might deal with it.
I had to work outside of the home for many years until my husband got promotion and we were able to get by on one wage. I was fortunate however, that I never needed to leave the children overnight.
But I saw the story of Louise Woodward the English nanny who was convicted of killing a baby in her care. She was 18 at the time. The parents both worked.
I have an 18yr old who is very good with his little siblings and he works in an old people's home-something most kids of his age wouldn't cope with I think-but even so, I can't imagine leaving him to deal with his little sister for long periods without support.
I saw a news programme about Darfur where they admitted that although orphaned children were being cared for by other families they did not receive the same care as the families own children.

I needed grace and patience last night-and I was given it, but was it easier because I am her mother, or becuase God just does that? Could someone who was just being paid to care actually love my child? I have never seen it-not unconditionally anyway. Kindness, yes, but not love.

I am so grateful I can be home for my children now.


CatholicConvert said...

When our kids were still breast feeding and had a cold, we used to steam some eucalyptus oil in the same room (a old saucepan full of boiling water and a half dozen drops of oil will do - you don't need a fancy bit of equipment). Helps to clear the nose/head for the kiddies so they can breath better.

Agree about the child minding. I used to look after my younger siblings when I was 12 or so but never all night and never without a escalation chain that had adults in it (e.g. people I could call).

White Stone Name Seeker said...

thanks for the tip. I love the smell of eucalyptus. We sometimes use Albas oil in the same way or Karvol, which I think is pine oil.

She had a better night last night.

With the older siblings and little ones we have the same set up and I would never leave for long periods.